Friday, April 10, 2009

Gone to 'Play Park' per Jaden

Jaden loves the park 'n so do the others. This is the one
that is located in our neighborhood. When we drive by it
Jaden likes to call this one "Play Park", like off of Dora.
One day he just started calling it that. The other one we
go to is the "duck park" b/c there is a pond that has ducks
in it.
Anyways, as you can tell, they were having a great time
at the park that day. Jaden made a castle that was nocked
down before I got a chance to take a pic of it and the other
three were having fun climbing the tree :D

Wednesday Night Fun!

Wednesday Night Fun! Yes, we let the kids play with their food.
We got into it too----------------------------:O


or not? That is the question...

Life is more fun in a box

Do you remember the days when life seemed
more fun in a box!

I always loved making things out of boxes.
This moment reminded me of the times I
spent making all sorts of things or using a
box to go sledding, ect.

Rainbows to Snow-all in one week

From rainy days with

rainbows dressing the sky too

snowy days and

the ground blanketed w/snow

All in one week. Only in Oklahoma, huh?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ok, Ok, Ok

Ok, Ok, Ok...
I know I haven't been very good about being on here either, but


Friday, February 6, 2009

Did you know... can cut hair with toe nail clippers.
We discovered this last night! Kami strung hair all over the bathroom floor and in the bathtub that USED TO belong to Kaitlyn's head.
We will be visiting Andrea sometime VERY soon. Kami already thinned out Kaitlyn's hair, we will see what Andrea can do with it. It's not TO bad. She might just have shoulder thength hair or layered instead of hair down to the middle of her back.
Sorry, no pics. Forgot to take any until AFTER we put them to bed before 7 and I had already vaccuumed.
Maybe I'll take pics of Kait when she gets her hair cut. She was do, but that wasn't my idea of a haircut...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ok, I am SOOO bad! Please forgive me...

I'm sitting here at work, across from the parts counter. A couple comes in with their two little ones asking some questions at the parts dept. The two little ones were playing with the knobs on the pop machine nearby.
All of a sudden a lady walks in to wait her turn in line at the parts counter. The youngest of the two turned around from where she was enjoying herself with the knobs and looks at this lady that was there and not originally from when she last saw. You could just see a horror/scared look just pull on her face in different ackward positions and begins to cry.
I just wanted to say to her "It's ok, I would have done the same thing". She was kinda scarey looking to me too.
I did feel a little bad about thinking that, but not much. B/c I nearly burst out laughing from what I wanted to say to the little girl. Then it was even funnier when the parents looked to see what was wrong, looked at their little girl, then the lady and I believe they thought the same thing I did. The dad grabbed her like her was trying to get his little girl TOTALLY away from this lady. Ok, I am bad. I am laughing/giggling the whole time I am writing this. This is probably one of those, had to been there moments.